In case anyone wants to learn more about certain aspect of Elasticsearch, they have posted the top presentations from the conference.

They should add the other presentations later.  If you want to see last year's, you can view those at:

I attended all these presentations and they were very good.  The “What's Next for Elastic Cloud” is applicable to public and private cloud services.  In fact, you can have both and the controlling software does not care if it is public or private.  They are treated as different locations.  It is very nice.  For all, I would recommend the keynote (fast forward through some of the stuff if not interested in those sections). 

Elasticon{ON}17 Opening Keynote

We kicked off Elastic{ON}17 with exciting product announcements from Shay Banon, live demos from key people in our engineering and product teams, and stories of how the Elastic Stack is used to solve global causes with Steven.


What's Evolving in Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch team and tech leads give an overview of the changes already released in 5.x series, and a taste of the new features coming in 6.0.

What's Cookin' in Kibana

Kibana team and tech leads cover the latest news in Kibana — heatmaps, log context, pipeline aggregations, CSV export, and more. They look back at what's happened since 5.0 and forward to what's coming in future releases.

What's Next for Elastic Cloud

Exciting developments are coming for those who want to deploy and manage the Elastic Stack with the click of a button on AWS — or choose to run it the way they want, in the environment they want.

Machine Learning in the Elastic Stack

Learn how to apply machine learning features to the Elastic Stack and what business problems they will help you solve. These new capabilities let you answer new questions like "are users exfiltrating data unusually?" and "is my website response time atypical?"