Apache Metron: Successor to OpenSOC

OpenSOC was a project that always interested me.  In December 2015 it became Apache Metron when it was accepted into Apache Incubation. The Metron team builds an extensible, open architecture to account for the variety of tools used in customer environments (thousands of firewalls, thousands of domains and a multitude of Intrusion Detection Systems). In april 2016, Metron 0.1 was released. 

Elastic{ON}: Day 2 and 3

One of the problems with attending sessions after the first day is that they often are additional details from the first day.  Much of what I would state about the following days were covered in my previous post.  The sessions I attended:

What's the Latest in Logstash?

Andrew Cholakian, Software Engineer, Elastic

Suyog Rao, Logstash Team Lead, Elastic

Jordan Sissel, Logstash Creator & Tech Lead, Elastic